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A documentary about three men whose height has seriously affected their lives in very different ways.

They all share one thing: they are all unhappy about being short and vent their frustration in the most surprising ways. Delving into the world of Napoleon Complex: the condition of acting aggressively in order to compensate for a short stature, the film follows the three to find out what it is like for them living in a world of tall people, and tries to understand the chip they can carry on their shoulders.

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In the middle of 1920, Isaac Ochberg, a South African businessman of Russian extraction, started a fund raising drive to save at least a few of the Jewish orphans of Russia.

By early 1921 he had gathered together £10,000 (the equivalent of Two Million Dollars at today’s prices) and he set off from Cape Town on his dangerous mission. His task: to rescue as many Jewish orphans as he could in what we now know as Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine. For 2 months he travelled by wagon, train, car and foot around this stricken region doing deals to collect children. While the spine of the film is the story of Ochberg’s rescue of the children, we also find out the forgotten history of the genocidal attacks on Jews, known as Pogroms from first hand accounts.

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