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A documentary about three men whose height has seriously affected their lives in very different ways.

They all share one thing: they are all unhappy about being short and vent their frustration in the most surprising ways. Delving into the world of Napoleon Complex: the condition of acting aggressively in order to compensate for a short stature, the film follows the three to find out what it is like for them living in a world of tall people, and tries to understand the chip they can carry on their shoulders.

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In the middle of 1920, Isaac Ochberg, a South African businessman of Russian extraction, started a fund raising drive to save at least a few of the Jewish orphans of Russia.

By early 1921 he had gathered together ยฃ10,000 (the equivalent of Two Million Dollars at todayโ€™s prices) and he set off from Cape Town on his dangerous mission. His task: to rescue as many Jewish orphans as he could in what we now know as Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine. For 2 months he travelled by wagon, train, car and foot around this stricken region doing deals to collect children. While the spine of the film is the story of Ochbergโ€™s rescue of the children, we also find out the forgotten history of the genocidal attacks on Jews, known as Pogroms from first hand accounts.

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