Have Christianity and Islam Helped Black Americans Survive?| AJ+


For centuries, religion was used to justify a lot of bad in the United States. Slavery, genocide, segregation, you name it. But religion also served as a means of survival and liberation for some of the most marginalized groups in this country. In this piece, Sana Saeed explores how black Americans have relied on religion – especially Christianity and Islam – to survive and liberate themselves for over three centuries. And we ask: Does religion still have a role to play in the fight against white supremacy and systematic racism?

Learn more here:
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Presented by: Sana Saeed
Written by: Sana Saeed and Kathryn Wheeler
Edited by: Michael Zipkin
Animations by: Joe Corea
Produced by: Sana Saeed and Kathryn Wheeler

Music tracks courtesy of APM.
Footage and images courtesy of Getty Images, Creative Commons, Evan Carter and Reel Clever Films.

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