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This narrative is based solely on a man whose work is as astounding and amazing that it is worthy to be called the eighth wonder of the world. Jacque Fresco is a man of broad vision and open minded creativity. Future by design shares these features of his life with us.

Companion to Einstein and Buckminster Fuller, Jacque is a self-educated futurist who portrays himself regularly as a generalist or multi-slave driver – an understudy of numerous between related fields. He is considered by many to be a cutting edge Da Vinci, a name that he has well deserved by showing his mind blowing work.

He is a productive designer, having spent his whole life (he is currently 90 years of age) considering and concocting creations on different scales which involve the utilization of imaginative innovation. Despite the old age it is said that he is still one of the most genius prolific inventors of this era.

As a futurist, Jacque is a conceptualist and a theoretician, as well as an architect and a fashioner. This narrative depicts these wonders of his life and the documentary will leave every viewer with a life changing lesson that will help them in all their future endeavors.

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