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In 1990 Romania, the world was stunned by what was revealed: Images of orphanages, of starving, freezing unloved children, suffering shocking untold misery.

Crammed into small rooms, bed-bound on rotting faeces stained matresses, they were closeted away from the society and often malnourished.

Many of them in fact were not orphans, but had been placed in the institutions by the desperately poor families who had been forced to have more children than necessary as part of Nicolae Ceausescu’s insane population building policy.

Thousands of parents all over the world responded by going to Romania to adopt a child. In some cases it took as little as two weeks to complete the process.

324 children were officially adopted into English families and 787 into Irish families. This documentary will tell some of their stories, as we trace the progress of a group of these Romanian orphans and their adoptive families.

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