False Flags — Defeating a “Global Gladio” Agenda


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“False Flags — Defeating a “Global Gladio” Agenda”
Speakers: Kevin Barrett, Richard Dolan, Chris Emery

Richard Dolan – 2:00 – 27:47
Kevin Barrett – 29:05 – 57:15
Chris Emery – 58:05 – 1:24:11
Q&A follows

The CIA/NATO created Operation Gladio after WWII in Europe to prevent communism. Stay-behind Cold War special forces unleashed terrorist bombings and murders and blamed leftists. These black ops continue today as a global Gladio–attacks that are staged and, post-9/11, usually blamed on Muslims. Also known as false flags–covert attacks created by one group then attributed to patsies–this terrorism achieves many shadow-government goals. Besides fomenting Islamophobia, false flags cow an unwitting public into supporting a militaristic, fascist agenda. Fueled by a neo-McCarthy, anti-truth climate, false flags intimidate activists from critical inquiry beyond levels of “acceptable dissent.”

Kevin Barrett is at the forefront of challenging the false flag phenomena, from 9/11 to Mumbai to Paris, San Bernardino and beyond, he analyzes the similarities of the growing false flag industry. Ongoing attacks–both low-level and audacious spectacles–are required elements in maintaining a permanent security state. Richard Dolan tells the history of false flags since the 1930s, likening them to massive mind control ops. Chris Emery shares the case study of Oklahoma City.

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