Dopesick: Fentanyl’s Deadly Grip



Fentanyl is an opioid, which is sometimes prescribed to those undergoing from surgical procedure or suffering from severe chronic pain. But now it is one of the most misused substances. It is more effective and similarly more dangerous than heroin. VICE News make a journey to Canada and witnessed the terrors of fentanyl addiction.

In the film, there is an introduction to the host of addicts, some of which are as young as 14 and many are homeless. As the effect of the drug lasts for short period of time, they spend every minute of their waking time in search of another dose.

Most of their stock comes from China in the form of non-pharmaceutical pills, but the destructive effects of the drug are ubiquitous despite of their origin. Intense mental and physical toll of both the addiction and the unavoidable extraction procedure are shown.

There is also an entry to the treatment centers of the community and ascertain from the humanitarian counselors and medical staff who seriously attempt to control the unrestraint growth of this outbreak. The film is an impressive and deep representation of a problem that would not control and can no longer be banished.


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