Destination: Titan




Titan; the largest moon of the Saturn, the only identified moon to have dense atmosphere, and other than Earth the only entity in space where clear proof about stable bodies of surface liquid has been discovered. The BBC new documentary Destination: Titan, demonstrates all the information about Cassini-Huygens; an unmanned spacecraft sent to the Titan moon of the Saturn Planet.

Professor John Zarnecki, Huygens SSP Principle Investigator, describes that in July 1990 the European Space Agency selected a mission called Cassini to be going to the Saturn’s largest moon Titan. Cassini has planned was going to be the most ambitious space mission ever sent to the outer solar system. It was designed to carry the first dedicated set of instruments for Saturn and its system, and to carry a probe that would detach and land on the surface of Titan. It was realized that the part of it that really interested was the probe, which was going to descend through Titan’s atmosphere, and was going to make the bulk of its measurements through the descent.

After the 17 years hard work of John Zarnecki and his team, at 14 January 2005, the day had finally arrived when Huygens landed on the surface of Titan, and successfully returned data to the Earth. This was the first landing in the outer solar system ever accomplished. The film is very interesting and provides a deep look inside the Cassini-Huygens mission.

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