Death By China: How America Lost Its Manufacturing Base (Official Version)


In 2001, when China joined World Trade Organization, it was reinforced by both Republicans and Democrats in the US government. America promised its own people a new wave of wealth and development. But the promise has seemed not fulfilled in 15 years passed since. Millions of people lost jobs as nearly 60,000 American factories have moved to China.

The celebrated actor Martin Sheen narrated the film and criticized the autocratic authoritarian government of China, not Chinese people. According to the views described in the film, when China get entry into the WTO, the lower priced Chinese goods make quickly a large place in American markets.

In the film companies whose executives moved their operations offshore for maximum profit potential like Apple, Boeing, and General Electric are also criticized. For stopping β€œfair trade” policy, the film urges political leaders and request consumers to take a stand by being more selective while buying things.


Peter Navarro



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