Creationist Canards 4: The Hovind-Ham Christian Oracle


I was expecting to do a Flat Earth Follies video in this timeslot, but I got distracted by a Creatard that was even farther up Ken Ham’s ass than Megan Fox, and that required a more… immediate response.

Herein lies Great Pwnage, and a newfound distaste for dealing with YouTube commenters. A short distance in, Wren gave him the benefit of the doubt in her assumption that the spam filter was the cause of that post disappearing.

It wasn’t.

This particular poster has a bad habit of deleting posts and shutting down debate if the tide is going against him. The short version of the story at this point is that the original post no longer exists, and the second post will probably vanish before too much longer.

Viewers from Dumb Comment Hell and other similar communities should start getting screenshots of the entire thread so it continues to survive.

Where possible, we pulled the text we were responding to, and included it in the video unedited.

Our Bespectacled Emu image came courtesy of, as noted in the lower left of the image.

Next video, we’re going to try and do some experiments with a music subchannel, just for kicks.

Again, do comment if there’s anything you’d like to see changed, or like changes that have been made. We’re aware that the voice situation is still less than optimal, and we’re working on getting a change that suits the needs of both you the viewer as well as the cast and crew here.

Nothing personal, but I have to be considerate of their time, as well as the health and welfare of their families and livelihoods.
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