Contacts with the Gods from Space


Among the myriad claims of contacts with UFO’s during the latter half of the twentieth century, one man stands out: Dr. George King. For over 40 years he has been in regular communication with extraterrestrial intelligences, bringing the most revealing glimpse of their science and religion ever recorded.

International bestselling author Richard Lawrence ( takes us through the seven chapters of ‘Contacts with the Gods from Space’, a book he co-authored with the late Master of Yoga, trance medium and unprecedented UFO contactee – Dr. George King.

In this book ‘Contacts with the Gods from Space’ comes the first comprehensive account of the hundreds of contacts Dr. George has experienced as Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel. There has never been a story as challenging as this – because it is true!

The teachings of The Aetherius Society will give you the key to a new way of life. You will be able to take advantage of spiritual opportunities you never dreamed possible and understand, as never before, the real meaning of the New Age. In this lecture Richard Lawrence emphasizes The Nine Freedoms, teachings of great value to each and every one.

Whether you are prompted by a mild curiosity or a burning desire for Truth, the teachings of The Aetherius Society answers, once and for all, why UFO’s are here, what their message is and how we can all cooperate with the Gods from Space!

This is the second lecture Richard Lawrence gave at the International UFO Conference at Stiklestad, Norway in 2015. His first lecture ‘The Cosmic Avatar Dr. George King’ is also available on YouTube:

The Aetherius Society website:




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