Climbing in the Swiss Alps | Mönch and Jungfrau (French with English subtitles)


The actress Carole Dechantre and her guides, Daniel Schliefsteiner and Jacky Pochons take us to the Mönch and the Jungfrau, 2 peaks more than 4000m above sea level in the Bernese Oberland.
The journey begins with the ascent of the Mönch along a beautiful snowy ridge. Then, a few hours from the summit of the Jungfrau, Carole slips and tumbles 200m down a frozen slope: she miraculously walks away with just a few scratches. A year later, she overcomes her fears and returns to the top of the legendary Jungfrau.

13:34 Summit of the Mönch
25:45 Carole’s fall
29:09 Back to the Jungfrau
33:34 Jacky’s fall
37:46 Summit of the Jungfrau


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Director: Sébastien Devrient
Production: VERTIGES Production
Year: 2015