China Threatens Trump with Trade War



During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump has promised big deals for the economy once he wins the election. The populist policies he holds in the campaign mark out just a facade for another trickle-down presidency.

During the presidential race, Donald Trump choose the policy of rearranging or even declining the so-called free trade deals that are demolishing the economy and destroying the middle class. But it could be easier to say than done. Now the Chinese government has appear and said that the consequences of any endeavor by President Trump for pursuing more protectionist trade policy would be serious and even destructive for US economy. Editorial published the state-run Global Times news paper said that if Trump hits a 45% taxes on Chinese imports as he said during his campaign, “China-US trade will be paralyzed. China will take a tit-for-tat approach…..A batch of Boeing orders will be replaced by airbus. US. auto and iPhone sales in china will suffer a setback, and US.soyabean and maize imports will be halted”. Would this be actually happened?

In the following program, Thom discusses the issue with the economist Richard Wolff and later on with the Alex Lawson of Social Security Works and Jessica Jackson Sloan of #cut50.


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