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Using specially shot footage, two journalists get behind the truth of secretive North Korea, exposing a strange and sinister state where the old and unproductive are abandoned. Filmed in the 1990s, this documentary is shocking in revealing how little has since changed.

North Korea refuses to renounce its Communist past and under reclusive hereditary ‘Dear’ Leader Kim Jong-il, the country remains untouched by the cultural and technological advances of the last 50 years. Now widely suspected of human rights abuses, Kim-Jong-il is calling on the West for yet more aid as the food crisis worsens, but North Korea’s children remain empty handed. The investigative team locate Korean street kids who have made their escape and hear graphic accounts of water torture, starvation, officially sanctioned terrorism and even cannibalism. They also meet Jean-Fabrice Pietri, ACF Desk Officer for North Korea who confirms that the regime is deliberately allowing people to die.

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