GV311 (2013/14) Week 14: Party Politics Part II

Relevance of the traditional British political parties in an era of less ideology, greater individualism, rapidly-developing new media and few party members. Are other...

Collaboration – Changes in research, knowledge creation

A new culture of learning is together with the Internet pushing the boundaries of research and knowledge creation. On a journey from Danish biology...

The New Screen Savers 17: Social Media and Politics

How political campaigns are using social media to influence your vote, El Niño is on the way, and a man who invented a Twitter...

The Bizarre History – Full Documentary Fluoride, water, Darlene Sherrell, poison, science, politics, cancer, arthritis, thyroid, skeletal ... source

POWER of GOD || ¸¸ Vladimir Vladimirovich PUTIN ˝ || Documentary 2016 HD

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Ben Carson, SDA and Gay Politics

A Seventh Day Adventist Politician... potentially running for President? Let us pray for our church family. source

Americas Book Of Secrets S03E01 Scientology

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Dangers of Islamophobia | Marc Scarcelli | TEDxCPP

People tend to associate one person to an identity, but this isn’t safe. There is a lot of information out there, but most people...

1984 by George Orwell FULL Audiobook

1984 was written over 60 years ago in 1948. It portrays a stunningly accurate and frightening picture of where we are potentially heading as...

Mao’s Revolution: What Remains

China expert and Harvard political scientist Roderick MacFarquhar joins UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism Dean Orville Schell for a lecture and ... source

The Iran Nuclear Deal: For and Against | Institute of Politics

Panelists R. Nicholas Burns, Director of the Future of Diplomacy Project, Matthew Bunn, Professor of Practice at Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of...

Christopher Hitchens: What Did Margaret Thatcher Do for Britain? Iron Lady & British Politics...

By leading her party to victory in the 1987 general election with a 102 seat majority, riding the Lawson boom against a weak Labour...

Scot McKnight | Jesus and Kingdom Politics

April 4, 2013 Connect with Wheaton: source

Dome of the Rock – Temple Mount – Jerusalem – Epicenter – Joel Rosenberg.wmv - Watch this movie and watch the news of the world. There are 4 players, and the mystery players are the sons...

Does Creationism Conflict With Science James Jacob Prasch Live From England ||...

Does Creationism Conflict With Science James Jacob Prasch Live From England || Science Documentary News ....... hannel Tv General Information All Of The ... source

An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary mirria’s 20’06)

Director Davis Guggenheim eloquently weaves the science of global warming with Mr. Gore's personal history and lifelong commitment to reversing the effects of global...

Politics of Fresno’s Fulton Mall, “Once Upon a Time, In the Future”- Look Around,...

Experience Fresno in 1959! This Twilight Zone-like story explains the politics pushing the decision to destroy Fresno's Fulton Art Mall. Presented with actors in...

The Genderfluid Generation

People seem to be obsessed with gender politics these days. This ideology becomes unacceptable when forced onto children. . My Facebook: My Twitter: Avatar...

Ethics and politics

Moral and Political Philosophy: how should we live? What constitutes a just state? source

Full Speech: Donald Trump Press Conference on Veteran Donations at Trump Tower (5-31-16)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Press Conference on Veteran Donations at Trump Tower (5-31-16). * Channel TMK - Subscribe : - Google+ : -...

The Atlantic Community – Canada

Commissioned not long after NATO's founding, the "Atlantic Community" propaganda series explores the history, politics, and culture of the Alliance's early members, including Germany....

CATHOLIC SOCIAL TEACHING 101: #8 “Faith and Politics: Part 2 of 2

#8 “Faith and Politics: A Special Presentation to the Diocese of Fresno” Part 2 of 2 Recorded: June 15, 2016 Airing: July 18, 21, 25 and...

Dishonorable Disclosures

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for...

Cabinet Politics : Karanataka Feels Heat

The sparks of hatred and anger have been flying around the state following the CM's decision on the list of candidates for his ministerial...

IOP-View from the Hill with Congressman Luis Gutiérrez

You don’t earn the nickname El Gallito—the fighting rooster—for nothing. Known for his fierce oratory and political prowess, Congressman Luis Gutiérrez has represented the...

Primary Politics

Base: race, sub-racial group and it's traditions, gender biology. Superstructure: rationalization for the base. Sometimes they force people to support things they don't, at the...

Area 51 The CIAs Secret Files Documentary

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Abed Ismael: Fateh Moudarres, Musician of Colors (English)

A Literary Documentary (Syria) فيلم عن الرسام فاتح المدرس النص الإنكليزي والتقديم: د.عابد اسماعيل إخراج: مصطفى المنلا إنتاج: التلفزيون السوري 2016 source