Bernie Sanders Seattle Speech

The official Youtube channel of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for president in 2016. Join the political revolution at link: ★ Join the political...

PBS NewsHour full episode May 2, 2016

Monday on the NewsHour, what the Indiana primary means for candidates trying to wrestle away delegates from the front-runners. Also: Amy Walter and Tamara...

What effect will Bains Brothers have on Punjab Politics by forming their own Party?

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Peter Dale Scott JFK You Tube deep politics book interview Night Fright Show /... Peter talks in depth about "perpetual war". How the system seems ... source

Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer.Biography 2010

Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer (Drama Film 2010) Honest Man: the Life of R. Budd Dwyer is a movie about politics and...

AP TDP Representative Mullapudi Renuka on AP politics with NRIs – Varadhi – TV9

AP TDP Representative Mullapudi Renuka on AP politics with NRIs - Varadhi ► Download Tv9 Android App: ► ► Subscribe to Tv9 HD: ► Circle...

The Newsmakers: Somalia and Social Media Justice

Decades of political crises and a widespread security threat - but what is Somalia's future? We have a special Newsmakers report from the country....

Political Science 30: Politics and Strategy, Lec 3, UCLA

Political Science 30: Politics and Strategy January 15th, 2008 Taught by UCLA's Professor Kathleen Bawn, this courses is an introduction to study of strategic interaction in...

Louisiana Radical: James Longstreet and Reconstruction (Lecture)

Park Ranger Karlton Smith discusses Longstreet's post-war politics, his role in shaping reconstruction in Louisiana, his involvement with some of the era's major players,...

The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World

Daniel Yergin on energy's role in global political and economic change and conflict. source

Weekly Vlog #10 | Booking A DLP Trip, Politics & 21,000!

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Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA Full Length

Order The DVD at: POLICE STATE 4 chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. source

Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

On this installment of "Books of Our Time" join host Dean Lawrence R. Velvel as he unravels the keys to Abraham Lincoln's leadership genius....

7. The Mixed Regime and the Rule of Law: Aristotle’s Politics, I, III

Introduction to Political Philosophy (PLSC 114) The lecture begins with an introduction of Aristotle's life and works which constitute thematic treatises on virtually ... source

The World Without US – Documentary 81 Min

This feature length documentary debates the implications and consequences of US military involvement in the world today. From an isolationist nation at the end...

Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population-- food. The adulteration of the planet's...

Last Word Mike Wallace || U S & POLITICS

Last Word Mike Wallace || U S & POLITICS. The definitive take on great lives, The Last Word is a series of intimate and...

The Real #Newsroom – Bern Edition – 5.13.2016 – #FrackOffFriday

Love Trumps Hate - Bernie Headlines Ants - We hold the power Here's to the Crazy Ones - They ... source

The Methodist Church and Politics in New Zealand Society Today Live on air

The Methodist Church and Politics in New Zealand Society Today Live on air Live-on-air from #kwiconnexion #Live-on-air with Rev Uesifili Unasa and Rev Ian...

The Politics of Verticality: Architecture and Occupation in the West Bank

March 18, 2004 Eyal Weizman, architect from Tel Aviv and London, discusses his research and map-making project for the human rights organization B'Tselem ... source

Charles Lawson: Prophecy and Politics

Pastor Lawson of Temple Baptist Church in Knoxville Tn. SN 2/21/16 Titus 3:5. source

Thomas Paine – Christopher Hitchens Lecture (Full) 'Thomas Paine's Rights of Man: A Biography' by Christopher Hitchens ... source

The Genderfluid Generation

People seem to be obsessed with gender politics these days. This ideology becomes unacceptable when forced onto children. . My Facebook: My Twitter: Avatar...

Canadian Liberty and the Politics of Fear

Speech delivered by Justin Trudeau at the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, March 9, 2015. La liberté canadienne face à la politique...

The Panama Papers: Secrets Of The Super Rich – Four Corners

Please like, Share and Subscribe. And don't miss last weeks BBC panorama episode - Tax Havens of the Rich and Powerful Exposed. source

2014 Great Decisions Lecture: “Turkey’s Challenges” by Ret. Col. Robert Hervey

Turkey: a nation at a crossroads, a bridge over an ever-growing chasm between the East and West. source

Charles Coulombe Interview (On the Pope, politics, Brexit, ISIS, Harambe the gorilla, and more)

Charles Coulombe is interviewed by Vincent Frankini from Tumblar House. Topics include: Pope Francis, the election, the upcoming council of independent orthodox churches, ISIS,...

Behind the closed doors of The Vatican

Get a glimpse of what's happening behind the closed doors of the Vatican. source

CBS News Special: Campaign ’70-Television and Politics (1970)

A documentary on political advertising and American television, hosted by Mike Wallace. Commercials (the non-political kind) are included. Video quality varies due to original...


Trapped Inside My Body (Medical Documentary) – Real Stories

This incredibly moving documentary follows a young couple's quest to find help with the husband's heart breaking condition. Imagine a healthy and alert mind trapped...

Extraditing Coke