Gang’s Life In Prison…Hardcore Brutality Everyday [ National Geographic Documentary ]

Further information: Gang population In 2007, there were approximately 785000 active street gang members in the United States, according to the National ... source

Standing Committee – National Food Security Bill

The standing committee on food & consumer affairs has expressed its disappointment over what it calls vague provisions in the food security bill. The...

Into the night with Garry Kasparov and Peter Thiel

World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov and billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel discuss technology, chess, Russian and American politics as well as human ... source

/Ron Paul/ in 1981 How Ideas Inform Politics

Dr. Ron Paul has been a three-time candidate for President of the United States; as a Libertarian in 1988 and as a Republican in...

Labour – Comrades At War

part 2 of the 4 part series episode 1 - cast into the wilderness episode 2 - comrades at war episode 3 - enter the rose episode 4...

The Greatest Medical Fraud in History – The Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS

Does HIV really cause AIDS? Can we really believe the pharmaceutical industrial complex? Could it be that after so many years of research, and...

Story of Acid Attack SLC School girls Sangita Magar and GCC Travel Documantry HD

Story of Acid Attack SLC School girls Sangita Magar and Seema Basnet GCC Travel Documantry HD ...

A Preface to Politics (FULL Audiobook)

A Preface to Politics - audiobook Walter LIPPMANN (1889 - 1974) This is the first book in the bibliography of Walter Lippmann, written three...

John Thavis: “Power, Personalities and Politics at the Vatican”

Winsdor, Ontario: Assumption University's Christian Culture Lecture Series has promoted "culture" as a universal, holistic, and integrated way of being of the human person...

Bangladeshi Documentary Film 36-24-36 – ENG subtitles source

Newsd Exclusive- The Makarand Paranjape interview- Nationalism & Campus politics

Newsd Exclusive- The Makarand Paranjape interview- Nationalism & Campus politics Makarand Paranjape is an Indian poet and professor at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Please Like, Comment...

Cultural Humility (complete)

"Cultural Humility: People, Principles and Practices," is a 30-minute documentary by San Francisco State professor Vivian Chávez, that mixes poetry with music, ... source

Electoral Politics in India


Why Do People Hate #Feminism? #4 – Gender Studies Degrees

A video for feminists to help explain why people hate them. The fourth reason people hate feminism is because gender studies degrees are indoctrination...

Intro To Philosophy 6: Politics #1

An introduction to political science - what is government? source


SuperPower - Documentary Politics ------------------- Superpower is a power that has no rivals, which can wield its influence at will, which can impose its own policies,...

Politiek kunstbezit

Een project van Jonas Staal waarin Rotterdamse fractieleden praten over de kunst hangend op hun werkplekken en het Rotterdamse kunst(subsidie)beleid. source

Up for Debate: Talking Politics with Paul Martin (Ep. 12)

He's conservative. I'm liberal. And we are trying to have a civil discussion about the election. It's 5/18/16 and my friend Paul Martin and...

The Dark Side of America’s Corporate Connections: Financing, Politics, Science (2009)

Edwin Black is an American syndicated columnist and journalist. He specializes in human rights, the historical interplay between economics and politics in the ... source

Drugs, Crime and Politics


March For Free Speech JFK 50th Anniversary Full Documentary

JFK 50th Anniversary March For Free Speech Documentary Special Guest Along The Way Include: John B Wells ... source

Full Video: Vladimir Putin’s presidential inauguration ceremony in Kremlin

Russia's President-elect Vladimir Putin has been sworn in as the new head of state. Putin is an inauguration champion -- he has played the...

The.Chinese.Are.Coming.==.Africa.HD===中方在非洲 西方觀點==字幕==Subtitles

The.Chinese.Are.Coming.1of2.Africa.HD==Western views of Chinese presence in Africa==中方在非洲 西方觀點==字幕==Subtitles Pick subtitle with CC at bottom ... source

Trump vs. Bernie in the First Ever @midnight Presidential Debate

Bernie Sanders (James Adomian) and Donald Trump (Anthony Atamanuik) debate their likeness to Jesus and launch attack ads in the @midnight presidential debate. More...

Evropské dialogy Václava Havla Pražská konference 2014: PANEL 1

Evropské dialogy Václava Havla Pražská konference 2014: Občan, moc a demokracie v evropské krizi 21. - 22. února Knihovna Václava Havla Panel 1: Evropa a krize demokratického...

Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance Here is the PROOF !! Pharmaceuticl Conspiracy !!...

Is Your Psychiatrist a Dr. or are You a Guinea Pig. Share this Documentary and help Stop the Madness source

The First Olympics: Athens 1896 (Sport — 1984)

This movie describes the founding of the modern Olympics and concentrates on the creation of the American team and their trials in getting to...


Storm Rider (FireFighting Documentary) – Real Stories

Synopsis: Firefighting is a tough and life threatening job. To be a firefighter, a person must undergo a technical training of high degree in general...


Young, Nazi, and Proud