MUFC – Where’s Our Famous Atmosphere?

A documentary looking into the issue of atmosphere at Old Trafford - the home of Manchester United Football Club. Follow us on Twitter @RedArmyMedia...

Legal Environment

International Marketing: Legal Environment International Legal Environment, What is International Legal Environment? variation in countries in the policies and regulations regarding the conduct of the businesses, Examples of variations, What...

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Treasure Island ()

Treasure Island (version 5) - audiobook Robert Louis STEVENSON (1850 - 1894) Treasure Island is an adventure novel narrating a tale of "buccaneers and buried gold"....

[Space Ambience] Skogbeorn – Earth

Earth is my first ambient album, and was made over the course of a couple of days. The concept for the album is a...

Coastline to Atmosphere – Source of Fame with Dan AKA The Rabbit

Watch live at source

HAVING A JIGGLE WITH OOGIE BOOGIE – Xal plays Kingdom Hearts #17

Why hello everybody it's me Xal! Welcome back to Halloween town were the atmosphere is at a new deplorable level of creepy and weird. That's...

Atmosphere(the progressive mix)# Episode 3-METAMORPHOSIS

The journey into space continues with rhythmic pulses and hypnotic melodies that compel the listener to discover the above and beyond, a complete submersion...

DOOM:VS – Earthless (2014) Full Album Official

SP. 088-14 Doom:VS – Earthless Buy CD - Tracklist: 1. Earthless - 00:00 2. A Quietly Forming ... source

Let’s Play Alien: Isolation EP35 // I DON’T WANNA

Discover the true meaning of fear in Alien: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant dread and mortal danger. I don't...

Feminism Is Complete Bullshit – Bill Burr, Milo Yiannopoulos, Adam Carolla

Feminism literally is a divide and conquer confidence game played on the ladies by the parasitic banking/ ruling class to get twice the employees,...

Africa Refugee Camp Documentary [Dadaab Camp Kenya] [2016] [HD] [Subtitle] [Documentary Films]

African Refugee Camp Documentary Dadaab (well known African refugee camp) is a town in the county of Garissa,...

Introduction to R Environment | Basics of R Programming source

Discovery Science


Soyuz undocking, reentry and landing explained

How does an astronaut return to Earth from the International Space Station? What does it feel like to re-enter the atmosphere? How does the...

Dark Souls 3 – Part 27 – Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth

As fires fade and the world falls into ruin, journey into a universe filled with more colossal enemies and environments. Players will be immersed...

Lotharïn – Banished – Partie 01 Episode 06

La population augmente et la quantité de nourriture diminue dangereusement. source

Rise of the “Nones”: Causes and Consequences of America’s Growing Secular Population (with Q&A)

by Phil Zuckerman 0:00 Introduction 2:00 Phil Zuckerman speaks 44:59 Q&A Back in the 1950s, fewer than 5% of Americans described themselves as nonreligious. Now approximately 30% identify...

UQR Díl16 – AgriCraft

Ultimate Questpack Refresh - UQR Jak si modpack nainstalovat naleznete zde u Milana77cz: Minecraft 1.7.10 Modpack UltimateQuestpack, který Milan77cz zaktualizoval a doplnil do něj pár modů a...

Warcraft – Thorgi Reviews

Fans loved it, the rest of the population was largely confused by it. So where does Aaron stand? Liked this review? Awesome! Then make sure...

ESS 5. Lec. 18. The Atmosphere: Earth’s Climate Today

UCI Earth Systems Science 5 The Atmosphere (Spring 2014) Lecture 18: The Atmosphere: Earth's Climate Today View the complete course: ... source

Adam Beyer – Drumcode Radio 228 (12-12-2014) Live @ Awakenings, Gashouder, Amsterdam DCR228

Adam Beyer : Drumcode : // Tracklist: Florian Meindl - Mental Atmosphere ? ... Luigi Madonna - Unconditional Beauty ? ... Egbert -...

Euromaxx: Lifestyle Europe | Euromaxx

In this edition: lonely hearts, a luxury hotel in Bavaria, a Polish salt mine, a Berlin dream home and an underground lake in Switzerland.Are...

連續 2 小時音樂盒 ( 以鋼琴伴奏 ) 輕音樂 – 舒壓、抒情、 放鬆用純音樂 (八十四) | 純音樂頻道

作曲: A.W. Lian 來自香港的純音樂頻道呈獻此曲 封面: 沙田新城市廣場觀景台 用於紓壓或放鬆的純音樂,應具備一些特殊條件,例如節奏不能過急,編曲亦不宜過於豐富,本人創作此曲時盡量採用較為簡單的旋律,並嘗試以依循合適的節奏及和聲作為方向。忙完了一天的工作,聽聽柔和純音樂實乃賞心樂事。盼此曲能陪伴全球生活在不同地方的華人共渡時光。 創作此曲時,除了盡量使用簡單明確的樂句外,本人亦有着力使樂句對稱。此外,和聲從頭到尾都是保持一定規律,並沒有太大的起伏及華麗的編曲,和弦都是採用較為標準及常用的。樂段以連續、不間斷、並且重複的方式呈現出來(個人感覺重複耐聽的樂段更能收舒壓之效),直到最後一個小節以一長音作結。 此曲的旋律屬大調。個人感覺大調的樂句更容易營造平和、寧靜的氣氛。相對而言,小調的樂句則較適用於描寫一些具有特定情節或感情色彩較強的歌曲。此曲乃舒壓音樂,並以寫景為主(因此影片配上了一幅照片),固採用大調較小調為理想。 source

Improving Chronic Illness Care Across the Population

Edward H. Wagner, MD, MPH, MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, discusses reform and chronic illness care in this talk hosted by the Program on...

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