Britain’s Street Kids (Child Homelessness Documentary) – Real Stories



In England, hundreds of children are imposed to leave home every day. Charity organizations like ‘Shelter’ say that the number of homeless children increases due to the current budget cuts of government. To see what’s being done happen, Real Stories followed four homeless and helpless teenagers living in the streets, in a dangerous world defined by conflict and drugs.

In Edinburgh, Robyn is a 16 years old girl, who left home when she was only 12. Afterward she was enforced to inject herself with heroin, and now she is fighting with her addiction. ‘Every day is a battle’ for 16 years old Chelsey, mostly with the housing officers of South London to find a safe place to stay. She has been throwing out of many hostels, and now there is no choice left to her. Sophie is 17 years old and temporarily lives in squats of Bristol. While Haydon’s age is just 17 but, he hardly prepared to face the world alone.

All are remarkably indicating that the cause of their escape was family breakdown, addiction, ignorance, mistreatment and aggression. Behind the stories of them is a tacit reality; extreme lack of proper parenting care.


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