Boycott, resist, push back: Shifting narratives on Israel in the US | The Listening Post (Full)


The United States’s support for Israel, usually at the expense of Palestine, has been unwavering – one of the most reliably bipartisan issues in US politics – with Republicans and Democrats standing with their Israeli allies through thick and thin.

But times are changing; as is the narrative. You can see it online, in print, as well as in the halls of Congress.

In this special episode of The Listening Post, Richard Gizbert travels across the US to examine some of the key moments that have revealed how the discourse on Israel is shifting.


Noura Erakat – assistant professor, George Mason University

Batya Ungar-Sargon – opinions editor, The Forward

Rashida Tlaib – US Congresswoman, Representative for Michigan’s 13th district

Rebecca Vilkomerson – executive director, Jewish Voice for Peace

Lara Friedman – President, Foundation for Middle East Peace

Marc Lamont Hill – former CNN contributor and Professor, Temple University

Omar Baddar – deputy director, Arab American Institute

George Hale – reporter, KETR radio

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