The Boy who started the Syrian War – Featured Documentary



It was February 2011, when 14 years old Mouawiya Syasneh sprayed revolutionary and anti-government slogans on his school walls in Deraa, Syria. He could never assume that his little act would ignite the fire of Syria’s Civil War.  The following Al-Jazeera documentary, The Boy Who Started the Syrian War, reveals the story of Mouawiya Syasneh, whose anti-Assad graffiti ignite the spark that overwhelmed whole Syria.

Since the beginning of the Syrian war, more than a half million people have been killed. Barrel bombing, shelling, and street fighting has been severely damaged the home city of Mouawiya. The war has left physical and emotional wounds that may never heal.

Mouawiya is now a young man and fighting for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) on the front-line. He acknowledges that if he had known that what would be the consequences of his act, he would never have criticized Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president. His youth practical-joke changed his life. He has lost friends and family-members, including his father and whole Syria have been altered forever.

The documentary also provides a view into the life in Deraa since the start of the war. We can see Syrians trying to conduct normal lives during the war, and those who have raised arms against Assad-forces.


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