Billions in Change


Manoj Bhargava is a business tycoon, a man of vision, a success out of his own blend. With the idea of the prevalent 5-hour energy drink he made more money than he ever could have spent so he decided to do something with it to change the planet. The motivating new narrative titled Billions in Change demonstrates the products of these endeavors.

Their aggregate mission is to make straightforward answers for the world’s most squeezing issues. Take, for case, the shortage of one of our planet’s most valuable assets in the poorest portions of the globe: power. A large portion of the world exists with practically no power, and this presents. The film annals the adventure to accomplishing his grand objectives beginning with the enrollment of a mixed group of fashioners, creators and imaginative masterminds.

Everything starts with the gifted individuals with which he encircle himself. His group is not included corporatized sorts. Rather, these are inventive personalities who decline to perceive and be led by the restrictions of normal considering. Enabled by the opportunity to make the least difficult and most useful answers for complex predicaments, they may very well have the ability to enhance living conditions all through the world.


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