Billionaire Healthcare – Fibromyalgia


The medical community describes Fibromyalgia as a condition characterized by widespread pain throughout the body with no identifiable cause. Ashley, Dari and many progressive practitioners think it is a catchall diagnosis based on vague and under-researched clinical criteria. In this episode, they will break down Fibromyalgia and what they call a “full body fascia freak out.”
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Billionaire HealthCare is geared towards the everyday person who wants to be healthy. Many “illnesses” are really just names given to symptoms and not the root cause. Many athletic limitations are not things that “just happen” as we age. Ashley and Dari are going to dive into these issues and enlighten you about what is REALLY going on with your body, and give you real life strategies to overcome your limitations.

Ashley and Dari believe that the knowledge of the living matrix, fascia, can completely change the HealthCare paradigm. They believe that health and fitness DERAILED, and we can get back on track with this nugget of knowledge by learning the secrets of the rich and famous.

You will take away instant strategies that you can begin to incorporate in your life immediately. The education and solutions discussed on Billionaire HealthCare will ease the question that we all ask ourselves, “Could I be better?” The answer is “Yes you can, and here’s how.”

Ashley Black & Dari Samia
Ashley and Dari are a married couple with eight children collectively who manage the health of the world’s most powerful people. They know that the rich and famous often acquire health sciences and products ten to fifteen years before everyone else, which is their motivation for creating Billionaire HealthCare. They want to ensure their health revolution begins now for everyone.

Ashley and Dari are the pioneers of Fasciology, a science that focuses on the little-known but vital system of connective tissue in the body called fascia. They believe that, with the help of Fasciology, everyone is capable of healing and advancing athletically. Their knowledge and solutions have positioned them to lead a health revolution with information and supporting products.

Ashley and Dari are stepping out from the shadows of movie sets, private jets, personal islands and Pro Sport training rooms to bring real life body hacks to the mainstream. They are prepared to pull back the velvet ropes and teach you everything that you can do to improve yourself and your family physically.

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