Do You Believe In Magic? Supernatural Documentary



Magic is the utilization of rituals, gestures, language, symbols, and actions with the purpose of exploiting supernatural powers. Search for life’s explanation, and for an account to elucidate our existence has been an everlasting mission of man. Our perpetual need for control and for explanation is a vital part of being human. Some discover their answer in science; however some even find it in magic.

Magic was a way to negotiate nature and combat dangers in western world about 2,000 years ago, before Christianity and before science. Magicians ruled that world and could negotiate with nature alone until the of late 16th century.  However, people’s belief in magic weakened with the arrival of Christian missionaries, who spread a new message that “there is only one God that controls everything”.

In western world, many regions had drenched in blood once due to the battles about God and magic.  Now the battlegrounds changes, but the issue is eternal. In our lives, is there any place for magic and supernatural?  If so, who should define it?

In today western world, modern people are no longer victims of nature as compared to their ancestors. Now, 99% of the populations became almost completely saturated in materialism. However, 1% will never eventually be colonized, and that 1% is the emotional human need. They possess the things and habits; we can say the grain of consciousness, which makes us humans in real. People with that grain of consciousness have a strong desire for something supernatural and magic.

To understand, how people having strong thirst for supernatural survived in western world, we have to go back to the time prior to the Christianity came and before science started explaining things. A time when people lived at the elements’ mercy and believed that nature was living with spirits.


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