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In this intimate and personal portrait, we follow Paul, a single, straight bus driver of 37, as he undergoes a gender transition to begin living as a woman called Julia. At first glance, Paul comes across as a regular, affable and blokey man with a passion for racing cars and farming, but inside it is a different story. Despite living and looking like a man, Paul has always felt like a woman.

Filmed over a two year period, this revealing and intimate documentary explores the deconstruction and reconstruction of a person with unflinching humour and surprise, turning upside down all the stereotypes about what makes a man and what makes a woman. With endearing honesty and a strong determination not to fall into pre-ordained expectations, Julia gives us an engaging account of the everyday difficulties involved in going through a sex change.

Ultimately this film is not about being the perfect woman or man, but about living honestly and in your own unique way.

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