BBC Documentary 2015 || Wild Alaska – National Geographic Documentary HD


Wild Alaska – National Geographic Documentary HD
It might seem hard to believe in the depths of December but, compared to Alaska, winter in Britain is a breeze.

For months at a time this vast land is plunged into darkness. Then, come summer, this state of extremes is bathed in 24-hour sunshine. Yet life isnโ€™t affected in these northern lands.

Featuring footage of bears catching leaping salmon, and a herd of caribou migrating from Canada to where the grass is greener, Wild Alaska gives you a fascinating insight into the wildlife that calls this place home.

From baby polar bears fighting for food to the plight of thousands of walruses stranded on a beach, the cameras catch the daily struggle of creatures great and small.
EPISODE GUIDE Wild Alaska The rugged coast of the USA’s biggest state harbours some incredible wildlife. When winter breaks, animals make the most of the nightless summer.

Wild Alaska HD (National Geographic) Documentary
Wild Alaska National Geographic,



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