Banaz: A Love Story



Honor killing is without doubt now a Global crisis especially among Muslim families. Many countries now have laws against it but unfortunately the case of Banaz Mahmod is one that is far from reaching any justification. A 20 year old girl that was supposed to be the angel of the house strangled to death and stuffed in a suitcase by her own blood relatives and all this just because of the wrong doing for affection.

At 17 she was married to a stranger who turned the holy relationship of marriage in to a prison held cave of torture and brutality. She attempted to escape and in the process fell in love with someone she had more of a connection with. Given the prohibitive way of her legacy, these demonstrations were looked upon by a few individuals from her family as serious offences deserving of a definitive discipline.

The film paints an awful, yet profoundly touchy and human picture of a lady brimming with guarantee, however since a long time ago misled by a culture intended to abuse her. The most crushing bits of knowledge originate from the more established sister who affirmed against her own family amid the trial.

The winner of various prestigious awards, Banaz: A Love Story is legitimately hard to watch on occasion, yet a representation that requests consideration and compassion from all.


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