Banana Land: Blood, bullets and poison


We all love Bananas. They are the most popular fruit in United Stated but what we know little about are the conditions they are made in. Banana land puts a light on this issue which might change your perception about your favorite fruit forever.

Bananas are said to be good in nutrition, less expensive and easily available. To put in simple words they are convenient. Banana Land uncovers a definitive consequence of these low costs as shabby pesticides, damaging work rehearses and included natural benchmarks.

The banana plan of action started in 1899 with the development of the United Fruit Company (UFC). The organization hoarded the business, drawing in ventures from well off and capable players all through the globe, which thusly prompted the assurances and backing of administrators in Washington. Keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee that bananas would remain the most reduced cost fruit available.

Banana Land uncovered the inward workings of an industry in which little is known by normal buyers. Behind the engaging shine of energetic showcasing effort lies a world full of unspeakable viciousness, corporate and political avarice, and grievous infringement of the most fundamental human rights. With extraordinary knowledge and clarity, and unblinking footage of loathsome working conditions and scenes of brutal change, the film paints a striking representation of an industry gone bananas.