Bad Borders



North Korea is considered one of the most authoritarian countries on this Planet. Its citizens undergo conditions like severe underdevelopment, political tyranny and starvation due to which, thousands of people attempt to flaw the country every year. It is shown in the documentary that leaving the country is very difficult, but incoming to a safe place is even more difficult.

The VICE also went to Kashmir in this documentary to see the dangerous conflict between Pakistan and India. Some people considered it the most dangerous border of the Earth. This hatred conflict begun when Mahatma Gandhi and Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah succeeded in gaining independence from Great Britain.

When Britain was leaving, they divided the subcontinent between Muslims and Hindus, and gave the Muslim-majority territories to Muslim who makes a country Pakistan and Hindu-majority territories to Hindus who make a country India. Kashmir was a Muslim-majority region, but Britain manipulated both India and Pakistan and left the issue of this area unsolved, so that both the countries remain in clash with each other and forget about the great occupation and slavery of Britain. Neither Indians nor Pakistanis blame Britain and have been antagonistic ever since. The focus of this long-lasting conflict is Kashmir, a Muslim-majority area that is occupied by India.


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