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Nazi Concentration Camps

This documentary is made on conditions establish in Nazi concentration camps by advancing allied armies in Germany and Belgium during World War II. Primarily...

Memory of the Camps

In the spring of 1945, the Allied forces liberating Europe found confirmations of abomination. The troops of the Allied forces made an efficient film...

Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

This documentary is about a former coal miner Harry M. Hoxey, whose family’s herbal recipe has claimed as a medicine for cancer. He start...

Hearts and Minds

This documentary is about the Vietnam War and at the 47th Academy Awards presented in 1975, it was chosen as Best Feature Documentary. It...

After Mein Kampf-Adolf Hitler Documentary

In this facile combination of documentary and fiction, the enacted film clips of like a German soldier raping a women or worse are mixed...

USAF’s F-22 Raptor

Beautiful Minds: The Psychology of the Savant

The most fascinating content in the brain realm is the study of savant which evaluates people with mental, behaviour or physical disabilities that boasts...


Dr Michael Mosley inquires into the brutal history of experimental psychology in an interest evoking and at times disturbing series .In order to find...

50 Years of Spacewalks

We are living in the 21st century, the era of science and technology we have all the opportunities to explore the universe including the...

The World in 50 Years: Global Community

The world stands on the palisade of war. The question arises that, “What is the greatest challenge in the future?” The factors which are...

How Big Oil Conquered the World

Did anyone ever think that why oil became such a big business? John D. Rockefeller comes to many of the minds when we hear...

The Empire’s War on the Border

In this era as the life is running too fast you don’t get time to look around and notice the terror and bloodshed that...


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Rise of the Hackers

The Hacker Wars

Description: Coming Soon

Mysteries at the National Parks

Description: Coming Soon

Gates of Hell Documentary

Description: Coming Soon

NIGHTMARE – A Mystery Documentary

Description: Coming Soon

UFO Alien Invasion – National Geographic

Description: Coming Soon

DEEP WEB – Documentary

Description: Coming Soon

Jack Ma story

Description: Coming Soon

Inside The Dark Web

Description: Coming Soon

The Mind’s Big Bang

description: coming soon

Iraq – the Ancient Civilization

description: coming soon

Mekka – The Hajj

description: coming soon

NanoTechnology- The Future of Technology

description: coming soon

Amazing Secrets of Turtles lives

description: coming soon

The Evolution OF Jaws

description: coming soon

Lions Vs Hyena Endless War

Description: Coming Soon

Space Time by National Geographics

Description: Coming Soon


World’s Smallest People (Extraordinary People Documentary) – Real Stories

A mixture of engaging stories with accessible popular science about the human body, this revealing insight into some of the world’s smallest people, including...