Area 51 – The CIA’s Secret Files



Area 51 is a CIA secret giant clandestine base that lies deep in the Nevada desert in a short flight from Las Vegas, and that remained unacknowledged and disavowed by the US government for nearly 60 years. But in august 2013, the CIA finally acknowledges this place is real. In this film, Richard Coe of former US Air Force pilot is coursing straight toward Area 51. Coe is providing a legal tour of the boundary of the Area 51, and he’s being followed by the Air Force. Situated at Groom Lack, area 51 is bounded by restricted airspace, covering 440 square miles and is one of the most heavily controlled airspace on earth.

Entering any controlled airspace in the US after 9-11 is high risk, but out Area 51 security is tighter than almost anywhere else in the country. The box that surrounds America’s top secret base is designated 4808 north. Area 51 is not just heavily guarded from airspace, but it is also a restricted military land surrounded by harsh desert. It is obscured from the road by mountains and is protected by security cordon, radiating at least 10 miles from the hidden base, and even the activities at the public land are monitored by the military.


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