Americas Book of Secrets S02 E08 | The Drug Wars



Drugs: it devastates families, destroys lives, and threatens the whole framework of society. But in the war on drugs, who or what is the actual enemy; the consumers, dealers, or is it the American government itself.

It was 1971, when political activism, sexual freedom, and social changes initiated in America. At that time, people started utilizing mind changing drugs in quest to broaden their consciousness, and testing become addiction and even death for some. To combat the rising curse of drug addiction, President Richard Nixon declared a war against illegal drugs. Afterward seven presidents and four decades, the war on drugs became the longest running war in the American history, in which the government of the United States has spent an approximated one trillion dollars.

Drug traffickers use extremely complicated techniques both above and under the ground, and even under water in an attempt to smuggle their product across the US border and to meet the demand of American drug users. There are three elements of the drug trade: drugs, money and arms. In America, the unlawful and cash based drug economy was estimated as one hundred billion dollars in 2012. According to a recent investigation report of the US health department, there are an estimated 22 million Americans who are illegal drugs users, which make nine percent of the entire population and are the largest number per capita of any country in the world.



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