Americas Book of Secrets S01 E09 – West Point



West Point (United States Military Academy) is the most reputable military academy in the world, where the most advanced technology and battle proven tradition collaborates. But this platform for the army’s elite contain secrets that are so captivated, persuasive, and contentious that they have been kept secreted from the public until now.

West Point is situated fifty miles north of New York City along the banks of the Hudson River. Precipitous in traditions; West Point is a different university from any other, where presidents, world leaders and the bravest officers of the army are educated and trained. Well-known graduates comprise generals like George’s Patent, Norman Schwarzkopf, David Petraeus, and even former presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Dwight D. Eisenhower. The following documentary reveals what actually happen inside one of America’s most formidable strongholds, the West Point.


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