Americas Book of Secrets S01 E08 – The FBI



The FBI is the most influential police force of America. A best team of FBI special agents patrol secretly the American nation and the world. Its mission is to secure America from domestic and international threats and keep a mega public record but its strategies are confidential. The Washington DC headquarters of the FBI contains safely bolted secret files, encrypted hard drives and extremely clever, covert and sly secrets that must be kept hidden from the public.

FBI comprises of a 13,500 special agents, and nearly 22,000 analysts, scientists and specialists with an operating budget of nearly 8 billion dollars per year. The most surprising thing to know is that FBI agents nowadays operate all over the world. The bureau preserves over 400 locations in the US and dozens of international offices called Legal Attace or Legates. Spies, hackers, jihadists, gangsters and killers are just few of the criminals that FBI combats on an everyday basis.

While the mission of the FBI is obvious, the way used to protect the US and its citizens often remains top secret. If there was a book about America’s secrets, the FBI’s chapter would be the longest and the richest one.


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