American Hardcore



In this film of Paul Rachman, the history of the tougher, faster and politically more minded stepchild of the 70’s punk movement i.e. ‘the hardcore punk’ that arose in the 80’s is scrutinized in cheerful detail. For tracing their movements that begins in the cities like Washington D.C, New York, and Loss Angeles, Rachman work across the landscape of the U.S. He also choose selectively the interviews of the musicians including Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn of Black Flag, H.R.(front man of the Bad Brains),Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat ( and now Fugazi), and many others that helped shape its sound and impact.

In numerous performance footage clips and poster art reproductions, the violent reaction of Hardcore against Reagan administration and the complacent mindset of middle class America is also detailed, which played a major role in dismissing the popular opinion of Hardcore as nothing more than mindless hoodlumism.

For most punk fans, American Hardcore will be vital and essential viewing, while some fans may find the exclusion of certain bands a considerable mistake.


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