Allyn Gaestel: Reporting on aid and development


Minority Realities in the News online course

Webinar, 20 May 2015

About Allyn Gaestel

Having worked with The Guardian, The Washington Post, AlJazeera America, CNN, France24, IRIN and many other renowned media outlets, Allyn has ample knowledge to share with journalists in the training program. She will draw on her reporting experiences in Haiti, Nepal, Mexico, Senegal, Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, the Bahamas and other countries to provide concrete examples for the trainees of how reporting on development, aid and cultural differences can be nuanced, humane, respectful and objective. She will also highlight how she was able to find story ideas, get access to the actors engaged in the stories, pitch them successfully and write in a way that combats racism and the otherization of her subjects.



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