Absolute Zero Documentary


This is a narrative about a dream. We all have a dream, not the one in our sleep but the dream to achieve something, to be successful in having something we want the most. This narrative is about a group of prodigies with a united dream, the dream to reach “Absolute Zero”. That is a place so frosty that the physical world as we probably am aware it doesn’t exist, power streams without resistance, liquids resist gravity and the speed of light can be decreased to 38 miles for every hour.

Every film highlights an interesting cast of unconventional characters, including: Clarence Birds Eye; Frederic ‘Ice King’ Tudor, who established a realm collecting ice; and James Dewar, who practically made himself insane by attempting to melt hydrogen. Total zero turned into the Holy Grail of temperature physicists and is viewed as the passage to numerous new advances, for example, nano-development, neurological systems and quantum registering. The potential outcomes, it appears, are boundless.

The strange story of how one court entertainer’s utilization of speculative chemistry made a King shudder. Could the future turn into a bizarre quantum world as physicists get inside a couple of millionths of a level of this outright zero?

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