A Tudor Feast at Christmas



A group of historians and archaeologists prepare a Tudor feast without using modern facilities, as it would have been over 400 years ago. They put on those period’s cloths, origin food from the land, and cook by using the recipes from era. They turn the clock back in order to revive a mode of life from a period gone by.

The greatest festival the Tudors celebrated was Christmas. Advent was a fasting time; Christmas Eve was mainly strictly kept with no meat, eggs, and cheese.  On Christmas day, celebrations were started after the recite of 3 masses and the pedigree of Christ while everyone held lighted candle. The Ruler was needed to be present at mass and would be expected to dress in new cloths.

All the 12 days of Christmas was celebrated (25th December to 6th January) but not equally. Except looking after animals, all works were stopped. It was looked like as very much a community celebration. On plough Monday (the first Monday after 12th night) work and all other activities were restarted.


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