9/11 Truth Goes MAINSTREAM !! With Barbara Honegger


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After the Unanimous Senate Vote on JASTA, TWO ’60 Minutes’ Broadcasts, and The Expected Imminent Release of the 28 Pages, former White House Policy Analyst, Iran-gate whistleblower, 15-year Senior Military Affairs Journalist for the Dept. of Defense and 9/11 Pentagon attack expert Barbara Honegger reports on all these developments and much more! Honegger also brings us up to date on the historic 9/11 Conference and Legal Panels event that will be held in New York City on Sat. Sept. 10th and Sun. Sept.11th, commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the attacks, including internationally renowned attorneys and the former Chief Justice and current President of the Supreme Court of Italy who investigated and successfully prosecuted the Cold War Gladio attacks in Europe!

The 28 Pages are nearing a very possible declassification and the Senate recently unanimously passed a bill, J.A.S.T.A., that would remove ‘sovereign immunity’ from foreign governments and individuals that currently protect them from lawsuits for sponsoring terrorist acts against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. From what we know of the Pages from members of Congress who have read them and gone public, they point to the involvement of members of the Saudi government and Saudi royal family including Prince Bandar bin Sultan who is so close to the Bush Crime Family that they call him “Bandar Bush”. Prince Bandar was the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. during the planning, execution and cover up of the most horrendous crimes in American history, the crimes of 9/11. According to those who have read the Pages, Bandar’s wife supported the San Diego living arrangements of two of the alleged ‘hijackers’ who both, according to the official story, were on the Pentagon plane; and after the attacks planeloads of Saudi royal family members and bin Ladens were allowed to fly out of the U.S. before any American civilian airliner was allowed in the air. Imagine that! and with 15 of the 19 alleged hijackers being Saudis! As a leading expert on the Pentagon attack, Honegger is uniquely positioned to tell us why the claim that the only two alleged ‘hijackers’ reportedly in the 28 Pages are claimed to have been on the Pentagon plane is so important.

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