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Two decades ago, the small Balkan state of Kosovo was fighting to secede from neighbouring Serbia, which was resisting the final break-up of the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

After NATO intervened on the side of Kosovo’s majority ethnic Albanian population, the separatists won and a decade later in 2008 declared full independence.

This has since been recognised by a majority of nations in the world, but not Serbia, which still claims sovereignty over the state.

Relations between the two have never been easy – and are often openly hostile – amid complex claims of war time atrocities, territorial rights and ancient inter-ethnic grievances.

Ahead of this year’s 10th anniversary of independence we planned on making a film that looked some the of the stresses and strains in the young country.

But then the mysterious killing of a prominent local politician in the city of Mitrovica gave the story an additional twist. Glenn Ellis and Marko Vesovic went to investigate.

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