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Anas Aremeyaw Anas is perhaps Africaโ€™s most feared journalist. And with good reason.

Since starting his career 20 years ago, he has exposed corrupt police, judges, employers, and government officials. He has caught criminals in the act. He has rescued trafficked children. And very often โ€“ living up to his motto of โ€˜name, shame and jailโ€™ – the people his journalism has focused on have found themselves behind bars.

That makes what he does a risky business and in two decades his face has never been seen publicly.

With journalism changing fast, the rise of so-called โ€˜fake newsโ€™ and an increasingly hostile environment for the trade on the continent of Africa, Anas joins The Stream to talk about his career and the future of investigative reporting.

He will take questions from a panel of young African journalists โ€” and from you.

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