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Parisians, many of Arab descent, have been marching in the streets of the capital in protest at Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, in blockaded Gaza and the Occupied West Bank.

Paris is a cosmopolitan city and certain areas of France are extremely ethnically diverse. Some cities like Marseille have large Muslim, immigrant populations and while the figures are much lower for the capital, the question of identity is now a burning issue for many young people whose parents emigrated from the MENA region in the 1960s and 70s.

France today is arguably still quite mono-cultural. Nationalism is on the rise across Europe and Marine Le Pen of the right-wing National Front is a leading contender in the upcoming presidential elections. The hijab is banned in high schools and government offices, as is the burkini on some beaches.

This film is about the combined effect of growing Islamophobia, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the plight of the Palestinians and the 2011 Arab revolutions on the young middle and working class from immigrant backgrounds.

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