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The Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 disaster has not only sparked conversations about aviation safety, but prompted a furious debate over how Western media outlets covered it. Some observers, such as The Atlanticโ€™s Hannah Giorgis, noted the tragedy was reported unevenly, focusing more “on non-African passengers and organisations.” This despite the fact that nine Ethiopians and 32 Kenyans were killed – the most victims from any nation.

Kenyan writer and political cartoonist Patrick Gathara added that media organisations forget there is no such thing as an โ€œAfrican storyโ€, saying that any effort to compress the lives and experiences of millions of Africans and thousands of cultures โ€œwill always say more about the prejudices and laziness of the journalist than about his subjects.โ€

Many felt that prejudice was on display when one international news anchor erroneously stated that Africa’s most successful airline had a โ€œpoor safety record.โ€

So how does coverage of the crash fit within a broader Western media narrative that often covers the continent using racist and colonialist tropes? We ask a panel of east Africans.

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